PCB Assembly process

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                                           PCB Assembly process

Step 1  Bare board loading into SMT production line

Step 2  Solder paste printing

Step 3  Solder Paste Inspection (Option)

Step 4  Pick and place speed machine

Step 5  Pick and place general machine (low speed)

Step 6  Hand place component  and visual inspection (Option)

Step 7  Reflow

Step 8  Auto Optical Inspection (Option)

Step 9  Unloading PCB Assembly (SMT finessed)

Step 10   Visual Inspection

Step 11   Touch-Up (Option)

Step 12  In-Circuit Test

Step 13  Board level Function  Verification Test

Step 14  PCB Assembly de-panel


Most of the PCBs reflowed as panel and requires a support fixture for de-panellization but these two carriers are different between reflow carrier and de-panelization vacuum carrier. Please be noticed that the de-panelization vacuum carrier is for router machine to remove the break-away from panel PCB only. There is no de-depanelization carrier need if PCB design V-cut and apply Scoring machine.

The reflow carrier is designed to prevent the PCB deformation during reflow and it must sustain cycling high temperature and be survivor.So its material will be metal alloy or Higher Tg resin.

The de-panelization carrier is designed to hold the PCB in position without moving during milling cutter remove the break-away or connection ribs between board to board. The de-panelization carrier also need to connect to vacuum system to clear the unnecessary break-away material from the panel board.

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