Flexible printed circuits (FPC)

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Flexible printed circuits (FPC)

Flxible printed circuit (FPC) is based on polyimide or polyester film base material made of a kind of high reliability, excellent flexible printed circuit.With the high density of wiring, the characteristics of light weight, thin thickness.Mainly used in mobile phones, laptops, PDA, digital cameras, LCM, etc. 

Product features:
1. The free bending, folding and winding, can move in a three-dimensional space and scale.
2. The cooling performance is good, can use a smaller volume.

3. Realize the lightweight, miniaturization, thin, so as to achieve integration element device and wire connection.

Areas of application: MP3, MP4 players, portable CD players, household VCD, DVD, digital cameras, mobile phones and mobile phone batteries, medical, automotive, aerospace and military fields, etc.


Copper foil substrate (Copper Film)
Copper foil: basic into two kinds of electrolytic copper and rolled copper. Common to 1 oz 1/2 oz on thickness and 1/3 oz
The thickness of the substrate film: common has two kinds of 1 mil and 1/2 mil.
Thickness of glue (agents) : according to customer's requirement.

Covering Film protective Film (Cover Film)

Covering membrane protective film: surface insulation. The thickness of the common have 1 1/2 mil mil and.
Thickness of glue (agents) : according to customer's requirement.
The debonding paper: avoid then agent before the pressure from foreign body;Easy operation.

Reinforcement plate (PI Stiffener Film)

Reinforcement plate: reinforcing FPC mechanical strength, convenient surface live-fire homework. The thickness of the common three mil mil to 9.
Thickness of glue (agents) : according to customer's requirement.
The debonding paper: avoid agents in front of the pressure from foreign bodies.

EMI: electromagnetic shielding film, protection of circuit board inside line is not affected by the outside world (strong electromagnetic area or are susceptible to interference area).

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